Past Speakers

2017 Stephanie Fast

Abandoned by her mother at the age of four or five, Stephanie Fast was left to wander the war-torn Korean countryside. She faced starvation, exposure, persecution, and torture because of her biracial ethnicity, as the product of a Korean mother and an American soldier. After the Korean War, orphans were a national crisis, and; biracial orphans were considered disgrace and children of the devil. As she tried to just survive, she received daily messages of shame and disgrace. But whispers of hope fueled her desire to live. Even after her years of wandering left her covered with boils, dirt, lice, ridden with worms and cross-eyed from malnutrition, someone saw within her a God-created and beautiful person. From that moment on, Stephanie’s life would be forever changed.

Today, Stephanie is an internationally known speaker, who has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives with her compelling story. She testifies that “there is nothing that has happened to me that I would be better off without.” Her first book, She Is Mine tells the story of her first 12 years of life. She plans to release a follow up book: Spirit of Mine – Living Beyond Survival.