Past Speakers

2009 Josh Hamilton with Jim Sundberg, as Moderator

Josh Hamilton

Major League Baseball player, Josh Hamilton has lived a life of redemption. He often wonders if his life had taken an easier path, if he would have reached as many people as he has now. He also wonders how many more people he has reached because of all the tattoos he’s acquired during his rebellion “traveling to hell and back.” He is passionate about sharing his life story of reconciliation with God, family and friends.

Jim Sundberg

Jim Sundberg is the Texas Rangers’ Senior Executive Vice President after joining the front office in January 2004. A member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, Sundberg returned to baseball in 2002 as he coordinated several community programs for the Frisco Roughriders. He also served as the organization’s minor league catching coordinator from 2002-2004. Known as one of the top defensive catchers in major league history, Sundberg won six Gold Glove awards, and was a three-time American League All Star. He spent 11-1/2 seasons with the Rangers, and he still ranks among the club’s all-time leaders in games played.

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